posted by on Sep 25

It’s never been easier to show off your prize. E-Z Mount Corp. has made it a simple process with their ready made antler mounting kits. The mounting kits make it easy for hunters to show off their trophy in the best looking way possible. Though some forms of processing and mounting are expensive and time consuming, getting antler mounts kits is an excellent way to efficiently handle the process.

Antler mounts kits are the perfect size and are inexpensive. They are great for those hunters who don’t want to mount the entire head, opting instead just to have a small display of the prized antlers. These mounting kits make it so that you can do the work yourself. If you went for the other option, you might have to pay someone hundreds of dollars to put something together for you. On top of that, you would end up waiting for months on end to get the animal back. With this process, you can order the kit and have it in a few days. After that, the rest is up to you.

These antler mounts ready to mount the horns to. The hardware is included and the holes are drilled. All you have to do is cut the skull cap to fit your horns and mount it to the mount with the provided hardware. Even a caveman can do it. It is a really classy and simple way to go about filling up your trophy room, or just decorating your office. When you make a great kill, and you want to remember it in some way.

If you want to go a step further, you can have plate made for the antler mounts to commemorate the event just a little bit more. This can help everyone who sees the mount know where and when you brought home the big one.

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